… and yet millions of people still live today without access to clean drinking water. In Bangladesh, tens of thousands of people drink contaminated groundwater every day. In the Ganges delta, for example, there are natural arsenic deposits in the soil. For decades, this arsenic was unknowingly extracted from wells along with the groundwater and drunk – even today. As a result, according to the WHO, the world’s worst mass poisoning by arsenic has occurred in the Ganges delta.


Together with local experts, we build new wells that extract clean and safe water from deeper groundwater sources, so that the people of Bangladesh have access to clean drinking water again. Because life begins with water !

We are absolutely convinced of what we do. Our already completed projects have further strengthened us in our actions and show that we can make a difference. But development cooperation is always teamwork and therefore we would like to thank all our supporters for their trust in our ideas. Because without you we would not be able to accomplish our projects – thank you !

Claas & Elisabeth
Honorary Chairpersons