This is us


The charitable club MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V. was founded in 2015 in Berlin. Seven friends decided to do something against the bitter lacks of other human beings. Our chosen target is to further the joint development work in Bangladesh.

And what we do


What do we really mean by “further the joint development work”? It means that, according to the statutes of our club, we actively provide supportive measures in the areas of basic medicinal needs, education and humanitarian aid in Bangladesh.

Put more simply: We want to make a life in dignity possible for more people, to support them to have the neccessities which are taken for granted here.

Currently we are specialised in financing deep wells and overseeing their construction. But let’s start at the beginning: The underground water in the Ganges delta is massively polluted with arsenic. This is due to natural occurrence of arsenic there, it is not a man-made problem. As this fact was then little known, many wells drilled in the 1970s were not sufficiently deep, so now the WHO estimates there are 35 – 70 million chronically poisoned people in Bangladesh. Chronic arsenic poisoning (Arseniosis) initially destroys the skin, can cause tumors to form, and finally causes death.

This problem can be sidestepped simply by drilling deep wells, at least 90 meters deep, which tap into deeper, non-contaminated ground water. We finance such wells. They are built in central locations within the village, so that as many people as possible have access to them. Since 2016 we have managed to finance two such wells, and now intend to significantly expand our work in this area!

Come on – join in!


MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V. welcomes every kind of input. Members contribute voluntarily in all sorts of active and creative ways. They support the organisation with, for example, their design input, making photos or videos of the developing projects, looking after the technical side of the website or using their connections to inform others of our work. With our open organisational structure we want to be able to offer anybody the possibility to be active and to be a part of a community of helpers.


Naturally we also need financial support to attain our goals. Besides the many voluntary donators, we also have supporters who clear out their wardrobes and go to flea markets, giving us the outcomes of their sales. Others give regularly from the incomes of their Online-shop. We are structured as an open club in order to offer every person the possibility to become active and become a part of our community of helpers.



We believe in complete transparency, since in our view it can be the foundation of a fairer society. Therefore our club members have full insight into all our expenditures and income. They can see not only where every euro goes, but every last cent! This form of transparency is at the same time the control function regarding the distribution of available funds. Almost all our internal functions are performed without remuneration. That includes the management of our social media channels, the website and the funding of our project trips to Bangladesh. Each individual contributes whatever she/he can.

In 2017, our intake through membership fees was sufficient to cover all the routine administration costs of the club. This in turn means that since 2017 100% of all donations go directly into the funding of club projects. That’s something which we are very proud of!

MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V. belongs to the Campaign for a transparent civil community run by Transparency International Deutschland e.V. (Transparency Germany). Click on the logo below to read our (german) page which fulfills the requirement for ten required items of information for transparency:



As you can see, joint development work has more facettes than one may at first imagine. Maybe you know completely different ways to help meet the objectives of MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V.? We’ll be glad to hear your ideas.

Join in !

Our honorary chairpersons

1. Chairperson

Claas Liegmann

When Claas returned home from a photo reporting in Bangladesh, he could not forget what he had experienced. He decided to try and give something back to the people there. Since it should be an ongoing support, together with some friends he founded the charitable club in the summer of 2015. This provided the basis for a continuing and sustainable support and to take on responsibility. Nowadays he leads the organisation and provides its photo and video material.

2. Chairperson

Elisabeth Liegmann

Elisabeth is a freelance midwife full of compassion and empathy. She was immediately enthused with the idea of a charitable club and became a founding member. She takes on some of the organisational work and donates a portion of the income from her online shop. Her main interest is the health conditions and services in Bangladesh.