Our first Project


Thanks to donations from our members and sponsors, we’ve been able to successfully complete our first project. In Sakrail there is now a deep well, which supplies clean drinking water for more than 300 villagers. We went to Bangladesh in November 2016 and were able to admire the well, but look for yourselves …

Clean drinking water for Sakrail

Thanks to the new well, the inhabitants of Sakrail no longer have to fetch water from stagnant water basins or from the polluted river, instead, they now have access to clean drinking water.


We have had a water sample tested in a German laboratory, to ensure that the well is deep enough and that there is no arsenic in the water. The test showed that the limit for heavy metals had not been reached. In fact the tested water met all the requirements for the German “Trinkwasserverordnung” (quality control). The only exception was the amount of iron – which was slightly higher. The amount of iron is calculated not only from the quality of the water but also includes other facets – e.g. iron coming from the pipes. The WHO does not hold an iron limit to be necessary on health grounds.


You can read the complete laboratory report (in German) here: Laboranalyse Sakrail

Helping is teamwork

We were very impressed with the way the plans for the building of the well went, and the enthusiasm of the local people. These experiences have strengthend our belief that one can do something to change things for the better. Just one year after we shared our idea with you: A well exists in Sakrail and people have access to clean drinking water.


Developement cooperation is teamwork and therefore we would like to thank everyone for their support for our idea. Without that our project would not have be possible – Thank you !


Strengthened by this success we wish to perservere and give the people in Bangladesh a life of dignity. We have some new project ideas which you could support us with. Let’s go !


Claas Jähne & Elisabeth Liegmann
Founders and executives of MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V.

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