A second deep well and material support for the primary school in Sakrail


Thanks to your wonderful support, we’ve been able to build a second well in Sakrail. This provides clean drinking water for the village inhabitants. During our visit to the project we were also able to provide the school with material for writing and learning. But see for yourselves, we’ve made a little video of our visit…

Drinking water for Sakrail free of arsenic

As with the first well, the second was also drilled deep enough to provide unpolluted water. The concentration of arsenic contained in it is well under the limit set by the WHO, as confirmed by a laboratory analysis. Due to the second well, now more people profit from drining water which is both clean and free. Find out more about our projects.

Helping is teamwork

We are absolutely convinced about what we are doing. The projects already implemented have deepened our conviction – they show that it really is possible to contribute to change for the better! Developement cooperation is teamwork and therefore we would like to thank everyone for their support for our idea. Without that our project would not have be possible – Thank you !



Claas & Elisabeth
Honorary Chairpersons